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Digital Photo Slideshow DVDs – Part 2

October 14, 2010

In Part 1 of this blog on Digital Photo Slideshow Montages I told you all the reasons these slideshows are so convenient, time-saving and economical. In Part 2 I have cut and pasted the packages and price information from my website so you get an idea of exactly how easy & economical these slideshows really are.

They truly do make a great gift for the people in your family who have everything. And with Christmas coming up what better time to do it?!

Or if you’re a person who just has no time to put photos in albums or make your own slideshows, then we can do it all for you so your photos are no longer languishing on your computer, camera or in boxes – and you can show them off to your family and friends (or sit and watch them anytime yourself)!

Here are some of the packages we offer, however, these are merely ideas to get you thinking. The possibilities are endless with digital photo slideshow DVDs.

We specialise in digital slide shows or montages, however, if you need photos scanned we can provide that service too at an additional price.

Optional CD’s are also available for easy printing of your favourite shots. See below for prices.

Life Story Slideshow Montage – “Your Life In Pictures” Package


Have you already scanned many of your family’s photos onto your computer? Are you now wondering what to do with them? Or do you have a lot of recent photos of your life sitting on your digital camera?

Our Digital Photo Slideshow Montages brings life to your digital images. We put your photos to music in a creative slide show and present them in an artistic, professionally-designed cover.

A sad fact is that such life story slide shows are often only put together for funerals, which means the ‘star’ of the show doesn’t get the joy of sharing their life in pictures with their family.

With our “Your Life In Pictures” slideshow montage, you get a chance to put a tribute together of your own or someone else’s life while they/you are still around to enjoy it!

Facebook Photo Slideshow (click here to go directly to our fb fanpage)

How many of us upload our holiday or birthday photos to facebook, but never do anything with those photos after that?

How would you like to have all those photos compiled album by album in a digital slideshow? Well, we can do that for you!

No hassle on your part. As long as you have the photos uploaded, we do the rest. We briefly become each others’ friend on facebook, download the photos for you, put them to music in an impressive slideshow and then send you the DVD in the mail. We also design a professional looking cover that will look as impressive as all your other store-bought DVDs on the shelf.

Could it be any easier?!










Wedding CDs – “Here Comes The Bride” Package

These days it’s common for wedding photographers to give you a CD of your wedding photos, rather than or in addition to prints. How many times have you actually sat down and viewed them all, other than when you were first picking out which ones you wanted printed?

Or have you never got around to looking at them, let alone sharing them with others?

Our professional slideshow montages, with added music, allow you to quickly and easily view your wedding photos on the TV or computer anytime, anywhere, with anyone.

It’s even better than a photo album in that you can sit down with a room full of people and look at the photos together.

And as time goes by, if you want a few moments of nostalgia or someone visits who wasn’t at the wedding, you can just slip the DVD into the machine and easily view your photos. The addition of music provides the bonus of creating a romantic mood. Plus, with the artistic cover design, you’ll never forget what’s on the disk.








Holiday photos – “On The Road Again” Package


Have you been on the trip of a lifetime, but a year later find that your holidays snaps are still on your camera?

Or maybe you just had a great family holiday a month ago, but I’m guessing your photos are also still on the camera. Or maybe you transferred them to your computer then had no time to do anything else?

Why not get them on DVD in a slideshow montage so you can watch them anytime & share them easily with family and friends?


















Babies & Children – “Here’s Lookin’ At You Kid” Package

When your baby is born, digital cameras allow for hundreds if not thousands of photos to be taken over the first days, months and years of your child’s life.

But how many of us actually get around to printing them or presenting them in a way that others can share? The early days are so busy … and things don’t seem to ever really slow down!

Photos may get printed to send to people for Christmas, but do you have an easy, accessible way of viewing your child’s life in pictures?

If not, we have the answer for you. Our photo slideshow montage DVDs allow you to choose the photos you want, put them in order, and we’ll do the rest.

With very little effort on your part you can have a beautiful DVD slide show of your child’s life, accentuated by the music you choose, and be able to be viewed by anyone, anywhere, anytime on TV or computer.

It’s like an audio-visual scrapbook! The perfect way to store your child’s life story in pictures – and the perfect gift for grandparents, aunts, uncles and so on. And guess who will love watching it the most – your child!!


Celebrations – “It’s My Party” Package

Birthdays and anniversaries are an opportunity to celebrate a person’s or a couple’s life. They’re the perfect time to get old photos out and put them together in celebration of a person’s life.

Many people scan photos of the guest/s of honour into a computer, then make them into a Powerpoint presentation. But the older a person gets, the less likely it is that they will know how to run a Powerpoint presentation or even have a computer.

A DVD player is another story. Most older people can put a DVD in and watch it on TV. That’s where our service comes in. Our photo slideshow montages can be viewed on a television or a computer anytime, anywhere. No special program required.

Recent celebrations are even easier to commemorate on a photo slideshow montage DVD, as most are taken on digital cameras.

Just email or send us your digital images, choose some of the person in question’s favourite music, and we’ll do the rest.

Soon you’ll have a gorgeous memento of your special occasion that is easily viewed, has ‘mood’ music and is presented professionally in an artistically-designed cover.

Modeling portfolio – “Hey, Hot Shot” Package

Have you had modeling shots taken and been handed a CD of your images that now sits on a shelf somewhere?

How would you like an artistic slideshow montage of your images, packaged in an artistic professionally-designed DVD case?

So much easier to present to prospective employers and so much more interesting than a bunch of images on a CD!

You choose the music and the photos depending on what type of mood you wish to create and/or portray. Then we do the rest.

We’ll create something spectacular that no prospective employer could ignore!

(Update: As of Nov 14th 2013 please contact me via email at, visit the 15 Minute Power Plays With Your Kids ebook Facebook or Twitter Page or visit the website If you happen to stumble across this post and it’s NOT because I’ve linked to it from my book, pop over and say hi anyway :-). Please  DO NOT go to my previous website at as it has been hacked)


A Living, Speaking History Book

May 3, 2010

Louise - Wedding - 12.6.08Last Friday I had the most wonderful experience of interviewing the oldest living member of my extended family.

A Living History Book!!

Ninety-four year old Keith is my grandfather’s cousin, however, as he left my home town years before I was born and only came back to visit occasionally, I didn’t really know him very well. I had been told what a wonderful memory he had and that he was a great story teller, so driving the 1 1/2 hours to interview him had been on my ‘to-do’ list for some time. Finally a couple of weeks ago, I bit the bullet and called him to make a date.

I arrived at Keith’s retirement home quite flustered after having got myself lost once I got to Bendigo (central Victoria, Australia). So a 90 minute drive had turned into a 2 hour drive. At that point, tired and flustered, knowing I had to get back by a certain time for other commitments, I said to myself – “I’m never doing this again!! This is ridiculous. I have so many other things I should be doing, and after today I’m going to be too tired to do anything”.

Then I took a deep breath, reconnected myself with the reason I was there – my deep commitment to capturing people’s stories and my own family history – and got out of the car to greet my patient interviewee who was standing nearby.

Of course I wanted to get straight into the interview as I knew we had limited time, but I took time to be shown around Keith’s unit, have a quick cuppa, and of course, set up my equipment. Luckily Keith was just as keen to get started, so off we went.

As always, after establishing the basic details of the person – full name, date of birth and where they were born – I started asking questions about Keith’s memories of his father, mother and grandparents. When Keith was born his family had lived in my home town, then had moved away, and had moved back when he was 5 years old. His account of their trip down from Minyip to Navarre via horse, buggy and foot-power was fascinating.

But eventually I got to asking him about his grandfather, who he knew very well – my great great grandfather. As Keith told me about the “jolly” fellow who was my great great grandfather, and then spoke of his great uncles, I was suddenly hit by an amazing feeling – it was like I had opened up a history book and was able to ask it questions.

You see, back in 1988, we had a Bibby reunion, where all the descendants of Thomas and Elizabeth Bibby (who had settled in Navarre from Lancashire) all gathered. They had had 11 children (I think), and so all of us had a different coloured name tag and a name up the top of the name tag of the child we were descended from. In my case it was William.

As I was 15 at the time, my friends and I laughed at being descended from “Willy” and “Peter” and “Arthur”. We had no idea who these people were. They were just names to us. I found it interesting to find that my cousins who I had grown up with in the same town were actually my 4th or 5th cousins. Many people barely know their first cousins and here I was growing up with my 4th and 5th cousins! An interesting quirk of my home town of Navarre is that we are pretty much all related, but some people who I share the same surname with are more distantly related to me than those with different surnames.

Anyway, I digress. The amazing thing about my interview with Keith on Friday was that he actually had known William (Bill – his grandfather), Peter, Arthur and Bert (my great grandfather who I knew quite well). A shiver went through me as I realised I could ask Keith about all of these people, and he would be able to tell me about who that person was, their personality, funny stories and so on.

Keith was like my time machine!! And a short time earlier I’d been questioning my sanity in using up a whole day to go and interview him! I silently rebuked myself, and was given a very strong reminder of why I do what I do. As well as being fascinating to me – especially Keith’s memories of his friendship with my much-loved and much-missed Pop – in a couple of hours, I captured some of the history of our family for every other member of my family. Keith’s immediate family now have a record of his life. My 4th and 5th cousins now have a verbal recollection given by someone who knew their great great grandfather. And Keith knows that those precious memories are now captured forever.

And guess what? Keith was no longer just a distant relative I hardly knew. He is now someone I know intimately and will not be someone I “wish” I had interviewed before they died. He is now a real, courageous, amazingly gracious man in my eyes, not just an elderly relative who used to visit every time shearing was on.

As I wound the interview up, Keith informed me I’d have to come back because he had at least another 2 hours of things he didn’t get to. And you know what, I’m going to get back there as soon as I can. He’s the last of his generation in our family. He’s willing to be interviewed, he’s interesting, his memory is great – he’s a living history book!!

So if there’s someone in your life who you’ve been meaning to get around to interviewing – or paying for someone else to interview them – it’s time. Get your diary/calendar out and pick a day. You will never have the time. You will always be busy. And you will always have better things you could be doing with your time. But pick a day,  make the time, and you will never regret it!!

Keep Smiling

Louise - Wedding - 12.6.08


DVD slideshows of your facebook photos

January 29, 2010

I don’t think it will come as a surprise to anyone reading this that my overall aim of developing a blog, having a twitter account and facebook page are all part of a grander plan to have my business – It’s My Life DVDs- grow and blossom. And in the process, my plan is obviously to make money from it. Making a living from what I am most passionate about sounds pretty darn good to me!

Nana & I

Nana & I

Hence, I am currently learning all I can about social media marketing, blogging and the like. I plan to move this blog over to a more sophisticated one in the future so that I can really contribute to people who want to learn more about oral history and personal video biography. Ultimately my aim is for everyone on the planet to have their life recorded on DVD – or whatever medium is current at that point. I really do believe every person – young and old – has an amazing story to tell. And the difference that can by made by just getting interested enough to interview a loved one can be astonishing!

But I digress.

Since starting to develop my internet presence, I realised I also need to develop some products that I can offer to anyone, anywhere. My Life Story DVDs are the major focus of my business, but if I want to make a difference to the people I connect with on twitter, facebook and here, I have to develop other products – plus provide valuable content for people reading my blog (stay tuned!).

One product I realised I can offer to anyone, anywhere, are my digital photo slideshow montages. This is where people email or send me their digital photos and I put them to a musical slideshow, design an artistic, professional cover and send it back to them.

Over Christmas I stumbled across another avenue in this realm. My Nana asked me if I’d do a couple of slideshows of family photos for my cousins who live overseas and interstate. Realising I had few photos, I had the bright idea of downloading their facebook photo albums & putting them to music. The result was fantastic, with both my cousins loving their DVDs. I now realise I can provide this service to anyone on facebook. They can just friend me, I can download their photos and send me any others via email, and then unfriend me. And not long after that they’ll have all their photos on an easy-to-view slideshow DVD.

I’m continually thinking of new products I can offer, while still staying within my passion of capturing people’s life stories in one way or another – preferably in a visual medium.

So if you’re on facebook and would like your photos collated on a professional DVD, please look me up. It’s easiest to first contact me through my It’s My Life DVDs fanpage – and then we can organise to connect our personal profiles for the short time it will take. The price will depend on how many photos you have, whether you want captions and so on.

So thanks Nana!! I love you to bits anyway, but now I’ve got a whole new avenue to my business courtesy of you. Love you!! (of course, she doesn’t have a computer, but I’ll pass this on ; )

(Update: As of Nov 14th 2013 please contact me via email at, visit the 15 Minute Power Plays With Your Kids ebook Facebook or Twitter Page or visit the website If you happen to stumble across this post and it’s NOT because I’ve linked to it from my book, pop over and say hi anyway :-). Please  DO NOT go to my previous website at as it has been hacked)

Keep smiling


PS. If you have any ideas of what I could provide to you re oral history, please let me know.

I love people

December 2, 2009

I have been reminded today one of the main reasons that I am so passionate about building my business and providing the service of personal video biography to as many people as possible.

The reason:  I love people!!

I was assisting with a grandparents day at my daughter’s school today, and while walking around offering finger food to such a polyglot bunch of people, I was once again struck by how much people delight me.

I love interacting with people regardless of age, background, race, creed etc etc. To me, people are just people. Of course, I’m human, so I have built-in, learned biases, but I’m learning more and more to go beyond those and see further into people I may have once dismissed. These people I’m talking about tend to be the “hard nuts to crack”-type people. You know the ones I mean – the people who wear a constant scowl, appear rude and uninterested in others, never smile, and struggle to speak when spoken to.

Since starting my business interviewing people about their lives on video I’ve come to realise that these people are often the ones who have the most interesting story. It’s just a matter of taking the time to step through the barriers they put up – usually to protect themselves.

Okay, I can see that my background in psychology has helped me with this conclusion too, as well as the courses I’ve done with Landmark Education, which have helped me identify my own biases and prejudices, and has led me to have even more compassion for people than I already had.

I have always been a people person. I’ve always been fascinated by the human mind, which led me to seek out self-help books at a very early age in order to overcome a lack of confidence in myself – plus the fascination with the human mind led me to study psychology for 6 years!

Over the years, I’ve come to realise that if you scratch the surface just a little bit we are all pretty much the same underneath. Every person has the same basic needs and wants, it’s just that some people have taken so many hits from life that they have got to a point where they don’t recognise these basic needs and wants. Mostly they pretend they don’t care and that they don’t need anyone or anything. But scratch the surface with these people and you find someone who is just too scared to care or need or want.

I used to be a rescuer in my earlier days and there’s still a hint of that in my personality. I’d pick boyfriends who were bits of rebels and try to ‘save’ them. In short, it didn’t work, though I think I did make a positive contribution to their lives – I like to think so anyway : ).

I’ve learned over the years that you can’t ‘save’ people. If people ask for my help I give it to them, but I try not to go around searching for people that need help and attempt to rescue them. It’s far too tiring and often painful when it doesn’t go the way I hoped it would go. The old saying is so true that you can only help people who help themselves.

But all of this doesn’t stop me from seeing the beauty in all people. Sometimes I have to look extra hard, but if I allow myself, I can see beauty in every person I meet or know.  It’s often harder with the people I know best as there is a lot of history with them – and not all of it is good. It’s often a much easier route to focus on the negative things people have ‘done’ to me or others I know. I may not choose to spend a lot of time with such people, but I can still see them as amazing people if I let myself put aside emotions such as anger, resentment, jealousy, fear and hurt.

I love the saying that resentment is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Resentment and anger directed at a person only ever hurts the holder of the anger and resentment – unless physical actions are taken against the person, but that never leads to anything good either.

No matter how certain people have behaved towards me I seem to have an almost annoying capacity to forgive. I say annoying because sometimes I really just wish I could see things in black and white like many others do. Life would be so much simpler then. But I know, for instance, that the woman who ‘stole’ my ex-husband’s heart was not really an evil monster who plotted and planned, conniving and manipulating him to fall in love with her. At times I’ve convinced myself that was the case (in extreme emotional times!), but the other side of my brain is always there balancing the victim out. And it tells me that my ex-husband fell in love with a lovely, kind-hearted, generous person who in other circumstances I would probably have been very good friends with. Now that hurts a little to be so sensible about it, but it’s true. And my ex-husband may have behaved in ways that didn’t always become him, but I’m no saint either. We are all human, and we make mistakes. We hurt people – often the ones we love the most – and we do stupid things in the name of love and jealousy. No-one is immune.

Why I say all this in a blog titled “I love people” is because it is often the frailty of human beings that make them so fascinating. People who are willing to admit their failings and weaknesses as well as their strengths and triumphs are the people I tend to gravitate towards. And often the main reason we don’t get to see the beauty in people is because we are consumed by anger and resentment, and pretending that we’re not!

I am organising my 20 year school reunion at the moment and am really looking forward to getting together with all the people I went through school with. Twenty years of life certainly is a great leveller. I already know through conversations on facebook with old classmates that life has left us all a little scarred, but has also helped us to grow and see the beauty in the small things as well as the large. I don’t think you have that perspective in high school – unless you have had to deal with some pretty big stuff. And even then, you probably feel like a misfit, whereas at 37 we can probably all claim our traumas, our triumphs, and see that life is an amazing journey.

One of my favourite songs – spoken word – is “Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen)” by Baz Luhrman. It has a fantastic line in it regarding what I’ve been talking about “Don’t waste your time on jealousy; sometimes you’re ahead, sometimes you’re behind … The race is long, and in the end, it’s only with yourself”

Oh, and those basic needs we all have? The need to be loved, the need to love, the need to feel needed. The list goes on, but these are at the core of everyone. So much of our life is dictated by whether we think our words or actions look good to others. Or on the flip side we spend our time making sure we don’t look bad to others. All the while not REALLY having a clue what others think anyway because we’re too caught up in our own stuff. And guess what? For the most part other people are too busy worrying about looking good or avoiding looking bad to notice much of what you’re doing anyway.

But getting back to the topic at hand. Look around you. People are amazing! Take the time to ask the people close to you a few more questions than the basic “How’re you going?” or “How’s life?”. Or if you do ask those questions, genuinely want to hear the answer, and let the person know that. If you take the time to go beyond the surface with people close to you or just someone you meet down the street or at a party you will find people are interesting – fascinating in fact!

A great challenge to give yourself is to spend some time with someone you have previously had a set opinion about, especially if you’ve seen them as boring or annoying. Really take the time to set aside your pre-conceived judgements, opinions and beliefs about them and get into their world. You may not end up best friends, but I bet you will find that they are a lot more interesting than you every realised – and a lot more like you than you would ever have credited.

And of course, if you have a video camera, my suggestion is to take the time to REALLY get to know your family and friends by interviewing them about their life. There hasn’t been an interview I’ve ever done where I haven’t heard something I’d never heard prior to that – and that includes the family members I am extremely close to.

So get out there and appreciate the wonders around you – the people who make up this amazing world!

Keep smiling

Louise xx

P.S. I listened to a great teleseminar today via ISMA, where Cindy Ratzlaff (@BrandYou) spoke with Mark Eldridge about branding yourself & your business. Cindy said something that really resonated with me – “Take imperfect action; it’s so much better than inaction”. So I have completed this “imperfect” post and am publishing it. Thanks Cindy!!

It’s been a while …

October 3, 2009

I haven’t blogged for a few days now – maybe even a week or so. I get stuck in the thinking of  – “I need to have something really interesting to say otherwise it’s not worth putting it in my blog”. Now that’s all well and good, but as with anything, the longer you don’t do it for the less you want to do it. The little voice in your head can be very convincing in its negativity sometimes.

So tonight I’m just going to blog about what’s going on. I always said if I had a blog that I didn’t want it to be a gossip column and that I wanted it to be a contribution to anyone who reads it. I also didn’t want it to become a “Days of Our Lives” thing where I tell you every time I’m going to scratch my nose.  So I’ll attempt tonight to be a contribution and not be tedious, while at the same time not having anything specific that I plan to write about.

Something that has really affected me this week is the tragic death of a friend in the tsunami in Samoa. My friend Viv died while on her last day of a 10 day holiday in Samoa. I hadn’t seen her for some time, but we did some pretty intensive courses together 3 years ago at Landmark Education where we got to know each other quite deeply. I then did another couple of 10-week seminars with her and got to know her even better. It’s hard to explain because the Landmark courses really allow you to get to know people in a very deep way very quickly – while at the same time getting to know yourself and how your past affects how you act in the present. So Viv and I probably knew stuff about each other that some of our closest friends and family don’t, purely due to the nature of the programs we did together.

When I was watching the news the other night about the tsunami and her face came up on the screen as the only Victorian at that time to be confirmed dead as a result of the tragedy, it was an incredible shock. I always feel so much for anyone involved in a tragedy, but in a selfish way I also hope and pray none of my friends or family are involved. This time it wasn’t the case.

Vivien was a beautiful person with an incredible love of life. The major consolation I can get from her death is that I know she lived her life fully and followed her passions. She was a wonderful teacher of drama (by all accounts), but I knew her as a wonderful human being; a person just like me – though  she was 20 years older – who had fears, doubts, insecurities, strengths, ambitions, etc etc. The wonderful thing about how I got to know Viv was that there was no divide between us due to age, background, job etc. We were just 2 human beings amongst many others trying to work out how to get the best out of ourselves and live a life we love – and contribute to others as much as we can.

I know Viv died having left nothing in the tank. She lived life to the fullest, loved her family and friends (and told them so), and completed many things from her past that had been holding her back. Some people have negative views about Landmark, but what it gave Viv was the opportunity to have lived a complete life, not driven by the past. I don’t care what negative stuff some people say, that’s what Landmark offers everyone, including me, and I recommend it to everyone. Anyone who says it’s a cult is talking rubbish. There are people out there who want to be negative and nothing will stop them from dragging others with them. Landmark Education is an amazing organisation that gives people the tools to live their lives powerfully and live a life they love. What people do with those tools is up to them, but I know I’m one person who is extremely grateful for all the tools because there’s no way I would even be writing on this computer without them. And Viv probably wouldn’t have been in Samoa having a wonderful holiday, knowing that she had given her all to life. Vale Vivien. I know you are resting in peace.

I didn’t plan to write about Landmark, but it’s been a huge contributor to my life (and how I met wonderful Viv), and I want to acknowledge that. During pregnancy 6 years ago I developed electrosensitivity – a condition which means I get intense migraine-like headaches from everything electrical or electromagnetic – that includes this computer, the tv, phones – fixed or mobile – the car, the heater, fluro lights etc etc. I thought my life was over and that I would never be able to contribute to the world in the way I wanted to.

Through the courses at Landmark I realised that I actually had a choice. That, yes, I get headaches from tv and computers, but I could actually still use them – I just get headaches from them. So suddenly I had a choice in the matter – live like a hermit, avoiding life (cos life these days revolves around electricity!) or have headaches but live my life. I’ve chosen the latter, and now I’m running a business that involves video cameras, television, computers and telephones. I now have a blog and a twitter account. And I have constant headaches. But I take medication at night, I sleep, and I start again each morning. I may not feel as fresh in the head as other people (I also have CFS), but I’m out there living.

All of the above is a choice I make – a choice I make day to day, hour to hour, but it gives me power that I never believed I had. And I’ve seen hundreds, probably thousands by now, of other people Landmark courses have made an incredible difference to. I love their programs and I love what they stand for. I sometimes hold back from saying that, in case people think negatively of me or think I’ve been sucked into something. But there it is. I love Landmark Education and I’m proud of it. Anyone who gives them half a chance would agree, I’m sure. Some just don’t give them that chance. If you get the opportunity to do one of their programs – and they’re all over the world so the opportunity’s there every day – do it. You won’t regret it.

Well, that’s my blog for today. I hope you got something out of it and now know me a bit better.

(Update: As of Nov 14th 2013 please contact me via email at, visit the 15 Minute Power Plays With Your Kids ebook Facebook or Twitter Page or visit the website If you happen to stumble across this post and it’s NOT because I’ve linked to it from my book, pop over and say hi anyway :-). Please  DO NOT go to my previous website at as it has been hacked)



Welcome to my world

August 26, 2009