Digital Photo Slideshow DVDs – Part 1

I haven’t written a blog for some time, and at the moment I’m working on some other things so I may not get to blog for a little while yet. So I thought I’d cut and paste some info off my website into a blog to let you know of a couple of products I offer other than my personal video biographies – in this case, Digital Photo Slideshow Montages. Sorry if it seems gratuitously salesy. In a way I guess it is. But it also lets you and your friends know about a simple, economical, time-saving way to put your photos together – especially as Christmas approaches and we’re looking for unique gifts to give our family and friends.
Here is Part 1, and I’ll follow it up with the packages I offer in Part 2.
Keep Smiling

How many of us in this digital photography age leave our photos
languishing on our camera, never printed, never viewed?

How many of us get given a disk of photos from our wedding, modelling shoot or just from a family member after a celebration and never look at the photos again – let alone share them with others?

Digital photography is a fantastic innovation that allows us many advantages over film. However the one comment I hear often about digital photos is that most people find they rarely get around to printing them or doing anything else with them. Many people plan to make up their own slideshows, yet never get enough time to sit down & create them.

Our Digital Photo Slideshow Montage packages give you the opportunity to have your photos transformed from images stuck on a camera, disk or computer into a professional slide show complete with music and artistic cover.

Why would I pay you to do a DVD slideshow montage when I can just do a Powerpoint slideshow myself?

The advantage DVD has over other media such as Powerpoint presentations on CD are that you can watch your photos on TV, allowing you to share them easily with family and friends. No more huddling around one photo album waiting for someone to turn the page! Or huddling around a computer screen – if you are lucky enough to have a computer nearby.

You can enjoy sitting & watching your ‘album’ together as a family on the TV – great for grandparents or other family members who have trouble seeing small printed photos or computer screens!

But I could still do them myself couldn’t I?

Yes, you probably could, but do you have time? Many people have great intentions of putting together slideshow montages for themselves or family and friends, but in our time-poor world, they often just never get around to it.

Additionally, many people do not have the right computer programs to do all they want to do, or maybe don’t have the skills to do so.

Using your photos we add transitions, special effects, opening and closing titles and music to create a professional photo slide show transferred onto DVD that will last for generations to come.

Digital slideshow montages are a great, unique gift for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles … the list goes on.

For the person who has everything this is one gift you can guarantee they won’t have – and it will be something they will treasure forever!

Here are some of the packages we offer, however, these are merely ideas to get you thinking. The possibilities are endless with digital slideshow montage DVDs.

We specialise in digital slide shows or montages, however, if you need photos scanned we can provide that service too at an additional price.

Optional CD’s are also available for easy printing of your favourite shots.


(Update: As of Nov 14th 2013 please contact me via email at, visit the 15 Minute Power Plays With Your Kids ebook Facebook or Twitter Page or visit the website If you happen to stumble across this post and it’s NOT because I’ve linked to it from my book, pop over and say hi anyway :-). Please  DO NOT go to my previous website at as it has been hacked)


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