My Vision For Making A Difference

It’s been a while since I blogged. Yes, I failed miserably at my aim of blogging daily in Feb. My health went downhill big-time at that period, but I’m back now. I’m aiming for a weekly blog to start with now. Any more will be a bonus.

I wanted to share with you my vision for my business, as I am currently restructuring my business plan to incorporate some of my new passions – blogging, social media and what I can offer in my areas of knowledge via the internet. I’m also incorporating the passions that led me into this business in the first place.

My Vision For It’s My Life DVDs

My vision for my business is to have every person throughout the world realises that they have lived an amazing, interesting life – to value their life story and what they have contributed to the world (and record it on video!!). I want to make this the norm, not a rarity.

As a way of celebrating and valuing their story, I offer people a chance to record their story on video – or learn how to conduct and  record such interviews with family/friends themselves. By using the internet & thinking out of the square, I want to give access to this opportunity of celebrating life to as many people as I can in Australia and throughout the world.

While aiming for a quality product, the focus will be more on capturing the person’s story rather than making each one a world-class documentary. This will be my point of difference. If the only way a person can have their life story recorded on video is via a recording on Skype, then that’s what we’ll do. Not a documentary, but a priceless heirloom for that person’s family & generations to come – not to mention a great validation of their life for themselves.

Quality documentary DVDs will be available and they will be what I would recommend people do first and foremost, but they will not be the only product. If people have the means to pay for a quality documentary-style DVD, in my opinion it would be devaluing their story not to do so. If documentaries can be done on Elvis, Madonna, Beyonce or any other famous person, why should your story be considered less important than that?

My major aim is to become a world-renowned authority, speaker, educator and conductor of/on personal video biography – a big aim, I know, but it’s time to think big! If not me, who else?

I plan to set up a blog attached to my website, which will be dedicated to the topic of personal video biography – why it is valuable to pay someone to do your own, how you can go about recording your family & friends’ stories on video, tips, hints, pitfalls, links to other great websites and so on. When I get this up and running, and have consistent blogs/comments/subscriptions, I then plan to do teleseminars as well, which will cover similar topics. Following on from that I will do online workshops as well. Who knows where it will go from there!

I realised that I started this business from a community project  – with Landmark Education – which focused on encouraging people to interview their family members on video. The context of this whole project was the possibility of love and family. When I realised how many people wanted to do these interviews, but who never got around to finding the time – or didn’t have the confidence – to do it, that was when my business idea came in. I WANT people to have these personal video biographies (didn’t know they were called that at the time!), so I decided to offer my services to those who wanted it.

To be completely frank, my business has not taken off quite how I’d like it to. People love the idea, but the money side of things gets in the road. They don’t seem to value a life story DVD in the same way as they value a family portrait (similar price with a professional photographer), a plasma tv (well over my mid-price) or many other material things. This has puzzled me – and frustrated me greatly. “Why”, I ask, “would people not see that the money they fritter away on often quite frivolous things could easily pay for their life story DVD or that of someone they love?” – as I hear them complain that they would do it for x if it didn’t cost so much!

And I’ve realised that it’s the value people place on their and other people’s stories that is the gap. They just don’t value their stories – until it’s too late. You wouldn’t believe how many times I hear, “Oh, I wish I knew about you before my Dad/Mum/Sister/fill-in-the-gaps passed away”. People don’t consider that tomorrow could be it for them too. There is no urgency – unless someone is ill. And in fact, until people truly see the value of their and their loved ones’ stories – the priceless nature of them – even if they did know me before their loved one died, the fact is they probably wouldn’t have paid out the money to have a video produced of their life anyway.

I’m not saying these people are wrong. They are just human. Procrastination is practically in our DNA. And most of us think we’re on this earth forever – or we kid ourselves we are because it’s too uncomfortable to think of the alternative.

So, in my own way, I want to become the champion for personal video biography; the champion for capturing people’s priceless stories. There are many others out there like me with the same passion, and I plan to join with them as much as I can to bring the message to as many people as possible via the new, amazing platforms of personal interaction on the internet.

I have ideas of how I’m going to go about all this, but really I don’t know exactly how I’ll do it. I’m just putting it out there right now, that this is my vision. This is how I want to make a difference in this world!

Stay tuned for ideas of how I’m going to do it. And I’d love your feedback as well.

(Update: As of Nov 14th 2013 please contact me via email at, visit the 15 Minute Power Plays With Your Kids ebook Facebook or Twitter Page or visit the website If you happen to stumble across this post and it’s NOT because I’ve linked to it from my book, pop over and say hi anyway :-). Please  DO NOT go to my previous website at as it has been hacked)

Keep Smiling



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