DVD slideshows of your facebook photos

I don’t think it will come as a surprise to anyone reading this that my overall aim of developing a blog, having a twitter account and facebook page are all part of a grander plan to have my business – It’s My Life DVDs- grow and blossom. And in the process, my plan is obviously to make money from it. Making a living from what I am most passionate about sounds pretty darn good to me!

Nana & I

Nana & I

Hence, I am currently learning all I can about social media marketing, blogging and the like. I plan to move this blog over to a more sophisticated one in the future so that I can really contribute to people who want to learn more about oral history and personal video biography. Ultimately my aim is for everyone on the planet to have their life recorded on DVD – or whatever medium is current at that point. I really do believe every person – young and old – has an amazing story to tell. And the difference that can by made by just getting interested enough to interview a loved one can be astonishing!

But I digress.

Since starting to develop my internet presence, I realised I also need to develop some products that I can offer to anyone, anywhere. My Life Story DVDs are the major focus of my business, but if I want to make a difference to the people I connect with on twitter, facebook and here, I have to develop other products – plus provide valuable content for people reading my blog (stay tuned!).

One product I realised I can offer to anyone, anywhere, are my digital photo slideshow montages. This is where people email or send me their digital photos and I put them to a musical slideshow, design an artistic, professional cover and send it back to them.

Over Christmas I stumbled across another avenue in this realm. My Nana asked me if I’d do a couple of slideshows of family photos for my cousins who live overseas and interstate. Realising I had few photos, I had the bright idea of downloading their facebook photo albums & putting them to music. The result was fantastic, with both my cousins loving their DVDs. I now realise I can provide this service to anyone on facebook. They can just friend me, I can download their photos and send me any others via email, and then unfriend me. And not long after that they’ll have all their photos on an easy-to-view slideshow DVD.

I’m continually thinking of new products I can offer, while still staying within my passion of capturing people’s life stories in one way or another – preferably in a visual medium.

So if you’re on facebook and would like your photos collated on a professional DVD, please look me up. It’s easiest to first contact me through my It’s My Life DVDs fanpage – http://www.facebook.com/lifestorydvds and then we can organise to connect our personal profiles for the short time it will take. The price will depend on how many photos you have, whether you want captions and so on.

So thanks Nana!! I love you to bits anyway, but now I’ve got a whole new avenue to my business courtesy of you. Love you!! (of course, she doesn’t have a computer, but I’ll pass this on ; )

(Update: As of Nov 14th 2013 please contact me via email at louise@15minutepowerplayswithyourkids.com, visit the 15 Minute Power Plays With Your Kids ebook Facebook or Twitter Page or visit the website www.15minutepowerplayswithyourkids.com If you happen to stumble across this post and it’s NOT because I’ve linked to it from my book, pop over and say hi anyway :-). Please  DO NOT go to my previous website at www.itsmylifeproject.com.au as it has been hacked)

Keep smiling


PS. If you have any ideas of what I could provide to you re oral history, please let me know.


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