Welcome to my world

Hi all, As you can see this is my first ever blog comment. I’m usually great with words, but suddenly I have nothing to say! What if I say the wrong thing on my first blog? What if it’s boring? What if no-one ever reads it anyway? What if they do?

Wow, how much is our life dominated by fear?! I view myself as a very confident, competent 36 year old woman, but here I am terrified of saying the “wrong” thing when I’m trying to make a good impression. It doesn’t take long to realise how much I and every other person does that in life. We’re all out to make sure we look good to other people or on the flip side, make sure we don’t look bad.

How am I doing? Yeh, ok there I go again. Looking for approval.

Well, what I want this blog to be about is being a contribution to others. My aim is for it to provide something positive to every person who looks at it – particularly in relation to recording their family and friends’ stories on video, which is one of my greatest passion.

I don’t want this to be about whingeing or negativity. There’s plenty of that around already. I want this blog to be an opportunity to uplift, empower, excite and inspire people.

Half the time when I sit down to write I’ll probably have no idea what I’m going to write. I remember in high school when we had to write in journals regularly, at times I had nothing to write about that I thought was important. So I just started writing – and often that’s when the gems came out. That’s the plan with this blog.

So guys, stay tuned. There’s a lot I still have to figure out about blogging, social networking and so on, but I’m up for the challenge. I hope you come along with me and enjoy the ride.

If you’re interested in checking out my website you can do so at http://www.itsmylifeproject.com.au and I’ve also just started on Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/itsmylifedvds I think it is. I’m very new to all this so bear with me.

Keep smiling my friends

Love Louise


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